The Airborne Toxic Event (Deluxe Edition)
Artist: The Airborne Toxic Event
Format: Digital


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''The Airborne Toxic Event'' is the self-titled debut album by the American alternative rock band The Airborne Toxic Event, first released in the US on August 5, 2008 by Majordomo Records/Shout! Factory. The album was re-released by Island Records on March 16, 2009 following the band's signing to the label. The entire album was recorded using a recording studio in the home of Pete Min, the band's producer. The first single in the US was Sometime Around Midnight, which reached #4 on the Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks chart.

The album was released in the UK on February 9, 2009 and features three bonus tracks. First single "Gasoline" was released on November 17, 2008, and second single "Sometime Around Midnight" was released on February 2, 2009.

"Sometime Around Midnight" was picked as the Starbucks Pick of the Week as an acoustic for May 6.

Both "Sometime Around Midnight" and "Does This Mean You're Moving On?" were written about the same former girlfriend of Mikel Jollet's. - Wikipedia