1. Treat Her Like a Prostitute (Side A)
2. The Ruler's Back (Side A)
3. Children's Story (Side A)
4. The Moment I Feared (Side A)
5. Let's Get Crazy (Side B)
6. Indian Girl (An Adult Story) (Side B)
7. Teenage Love (Side B)


1. Kit (What's the Scoop) (Side A)
2. Hey Young World (Side A)
3. Teacher, Teacher (Side A)
4. Lick the Balls (Side A)
5. Children's Story (Demo) (Side B)
6. A Teenage Love (Demo) (Side B)
7. Mona Lisa (Demo) (Side B)
8. Hey Young World (Demo) (Side B)
9. Snakes of The World Today (Session Track) (Side B)
10. Can't Dance To A Track That Ain't Got No Soul (new song) (Side B)

More Info:

The Deluxe Edition LP (with transparent blue color variant) is on 2LP for the first time. “Children’s Story” Urban Legends/UMe has reissued The Great Adventures of Slick Rick in a deluxe version that includes original hand written lyrics, a booklet of pictures, and unreleased demo’s which was recorded during the making of the album.