Format: Digital
Label: Latino
Rel. Date: 11/28/2006
UPC: 808835282222

Artist: Lucero
Format: Digital


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''Lucero'' is the tenth album from Mexican pop music singer and actress Lucero. It was released on 1993 and is often cited as ''Veleta''.

This album was the first Lucero album released only in CD and cassette, without being printed on LP. Had two formats: a digipack special edition & and the normal case with the bonus tracks, selling 350,000 copies on the former and reaching half-million status with the later.

The first single (and most successful) was "Veleta" (Vane), and the singer once again face the challenge to remove Luis Miguel's "America, America" from the #1 spot in Mxico. She accomplished that feat. "Veleta" is also her highest peak (along with Cuentame back in 1989) at the ''Billboard'' Hot Latin Tracks charts, hitting #2 on May 1, 1993. It was held off from #1 by La Mafia's Me Estoy Enamorando.

The second single "Sobrevivir" (I Will Survive) also hit #1 in Mexico (and #8 in US) and was dethroned from pole position by the single "Ayer" by Luis Miguel.

The album was nominated for an Eres award in the Best Album category, which (ironically) was awarded to "Aries" by Luis Miguel.

All track were written and produced by Rafael Prez Botija, including the bonus tracks written specifically for the soap opera ''Los Parientes Pobres''.

On her second live album ''Lucero En Vivo Auditorio Nacional'' the singles "Sobrevivir", "Veleta" and "El Nmero Uno" are included on the set-list. - Wikipedia